Safety Hose System

The Safety Hose System is a hose-in-hose solution. The hose is built up with 2 layers of hose and integrated leak detection, connected to an alarm system that alerts in the event of a leak. The outer hose is in transparent polyurethane for visual inspection.

The hose system can be connected to the customer’s control system for automatic shutdown of f.e. valves or pumps. The hose can be supplied in several dimensions and in different materials for most chemicals.

Advantages of the Safety Hose System from ArcticFlow:

  • Fully delivered hose-in-hose solution without joints
  • Ensures good HSE
  • Prevents leakage and protects against unwanted emissions to the internal and external environment
  • Very easy installation
  • Simplifies shipping, storage and handling
  • Small bending radius
  • UV stable
  • Meets the Tank Regulations where there is a requirement that tanks and pipes have a double wall and leak detection

Safety Hose System

  • The hoses can be delivered in lengths of up to 450 meters without joints.
  • Inner hoses can be supplied either in PVC, LDPE or PTFE
  • Outer tube in non-phthalates PU
  • Working pressure at 20°C: 5-20 bar, depending on:
    • hose diameter
    • the chemical
    • temperature

What do our customers say?

We have had our tank facility for storage of sodium hypochlorite and formic acid for two years. The tanks, pipes, and valve boxes are all double-walled. It works well and we feel 100% confident that safe storage is taken care of.

– Arnøy Laks AS

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