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We supply:

  • Tanks ranging in volume 0.1 m³ to 150 m³ – vertical or horizontal, indoors or outdoors, underground or mounted on concrete foundations at ground level
  • Pipes or hoses, with single or double walls
  • Pumps for grinding, dosing, circulation and transport
  • Pump cabinets and pump batteries with leakage containment for improved HSE
  • Instruments for measuring quantity, level, temperature and pH, etc.
  • Fully integrated control systems for automation of the entire process
  • Data logging systems
  • Leak sensors/alarms

Each processing plant or system consists of a range of components. The right choice of components improves the HSE, operational reliability and the quality of the process.

We put considerable effort into finding components and equipment of the highest quality, so you as a customer feel a sense of safety and security when you choose us as a supplier. This applies regardless of whether you purchase a complete system or individual components.

We have purchased complete systems as well as pumps, pipe-in-pipe solutions and instruments from ArcticFlow. We find it practical to have one supplier to deal with. The tanks and components all work well, and we have always had a good dialogue with ArcticFlow.
Raymond Mikkola Sørensen

Grieg Seafood Finnmark AS