The Privacy Notice descibes how ArcticFlow AS collects and process your personal data.

Managing Director in ArcticFlow AS is responsible for the copany’s processing of your personal data. The person responsible has the duty of making sure all processing and handling of personal data complies with current legislation.

Information is not shared with third parties unless this is required by law.

Which data do we need?

To complete a purchase with ArcticFlow we need your name, address, phone number and email. This is required for us to deliver to the right address, update you on your order status and contact you regarding your order.
We are required by law to store data about our orders in connection to accounting, taxation, fee handling and possible order guarantee and reclaimation. This history is cleared after 10 years.

You have the right to access your personal data.

You have the right to your personal data stored by ArcticFlow AS, as required by current legislation. You can at any time ask to recieve this data following current legislation. You can at any time ask us to delete or change your personal data, assuming we are not required to keep this information by current law or other obligations.
Data shall be delivered/transfered safely. Data shall be sendt digitally if the asking party sendt the request digitally unless other is specified.
You have the right to form a complaint to Datatilsynet if you experience your personal data is not treated according to this notice.

Your personal information is secure with us

ArcticFlow follows routines and measures to ensure unwanted access to your personal data, and that your data is processed with requirements by current legislation. Examples of measures preformed by ArcitcFlow: evaluation of risk, use of organic and physical measures, access/storing routines, routines to deliver requested personal data and answer to requests regarding the right to access personal data, correction and deletion.
What information has ArcticFlow stored about me today?
You can always ask to know what information ArcticFlow AS has about you and what the information is used for. You can contact ArcticFlow at or phone + 47
48 21 80 50 (monday to friday: 08.00-16.00).

Which cookies is stored?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you download a website. These are usually used to improve your user experience and remember who you are, so you stay logged in. The purpose of cookies is to provide the website with basic functionality such as session management, analysis, personalization and marketing.
Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can always choose not to accept a cookie by changing your computer’s settings to reject “cookies” or to accept “cookies”, but this may limit the range of features available. The setting is to be understood as a consent if it is such that the user expresses acceptance of the use of cookies. This also applies if the browser is preset for acceptance. In settings in your browser, you can choose whether, and if so, which, websites are allowed to store cookies on your computer. Here you can read about how to manage cookies in the browser.
Read more about our Cookie Policy here: Read more

What does it mean to give consent to a newsletter?

Subscribing to newsletters from ArcticFlow AS is free and not binding. You can cancel your subscription at any time via sent marketing material or at the e-mail address You must be 18 years of age to register.
The information provided upon registration must be verified upon receipt of email. You can add additional information to your personal profile page at any time.
By accepting these terms, you agree that ArcticFlow AS can send you advertising and marketing by e-mail, SMS and MMS about ArcticFlow’s products, services and insights, sales, competitions, events and other marketing measures as well as information about the company ArcticFlow. You also agree that ArcticFlow AS collects, registers and stores personal information you have provided to send you targeted marketing.
You must at least provide an e-mail address when you give consent. You can later enter the following information: First and middle name, Last name, Company name, Information preferences, Industry.
Information stored about you is the time of activity on our newsletters. Activity in this context means that you have received, opened and possibly clicked on links in the newsletter. In addition, we store visitor traffic from the newsletter to our website (name, time and IP address). Collected information is only used to implement and plan in accordance with the obligations that ArcticFlow, and ArcticFlow’s partners, have to ArcticFlow’s customers who subscribe to the newsletter, including following up that the conditions are met.

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