Seafood Waste Management Solution: Fish Silage Processing

The advantages of fish silage processing units supplied by ArcticFlow include:

  • PAn optimized ensiling process provides a silage product of high quality
  • PAn automated PLC-based control system with continuous pH measurement frees up time for the customer
  • PA service-friendly and dry-pit grinder pump made from acid-resistant steel provides a long lifespan
  • PGrinder tank designed for easier hygienic cleaning meets the demands of tomorrow
  • PA complete and turnkey unit built for a fully integrated fish silage production process demands less planning, makes project cost visible and improves HSE compared to a more manual process

In the aquaculture industry, all dead fish, fish trimmings and by-products from production must be handled in accordance with regulations.

Dead fish and fish trimmings represent a significant and valuable resource. Consequently, it is important that this resource is handled correctly. Dead fish and trimmings must be processed and stabilised quickly before storage. The marine by-products are organic and as such must be treated as fresh products. Our seafood waste management system allows for easy and convenient fish silage.

ArcticFlow has developed an optimized ensiling process for marine by-products. The entire process is controlled by a fully automated PLC-based control system.

Fish silage preparation starts with the by-products and dead fish are grinded into a homogeneous and particulate mass with a particle size of less than 5 mm. When optimal stirring conditions are reached, formic acid is dosed automatically with continuous pH measurement. In this way, the silage has the desired pH, preferably in the 3.2-3.7 range.

When the silage is stabilized at the desired pH level, it is automatically pumped into a storage tank. The user can easily enter the desired set points for pH, grinder tank level and running times for grinding and stirring via a touch screen. This enables the process to be easily adapted to the individual plant. Moreover, the user can choose between running the process automatically or manually.

ArcticFlow can deliver turnkey processing plants adapted to meet the customer’s needs.

The plant can for instance consist of shredder, grinder silage tank, cabinet for acid dosing, acid tank and storage tank for silage with a circulation pump.

The entire plant is controlled by a fully integrated control system. The remote update function can be used for upgrades of the control system.

Ensiling our dead fish has not always been easy. These are primarily broodfish, which are large fish with very tough skin and strong bone structure. This means they are difficult to grind into fine particles. But with ArcticFlow’s ensilage process, we finally managed to produce good silage. ArcticFlow delivered a complete processing plant to our full satisfaction.


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