Chemical Storage and Handling Solutions

Chemical storage and handling are subject to strict regulations. Internal transport, tanks, and piping must be carried out in accordance with regulations. This includes:

  • Location of tanks
  • Construction and choice of materials
  • Barriers to prevent overfilling
  • System for automatic notification of leaks
  • Reliable solutions for pumping and piping/hoses

ArcticFlow has a thorough knowledge of current legislation and regulations that stipulate requirements for the design of your plant for chemical storage and chemical handling. Section 18 of the Pollution regulations, also referred to as the “Tank regulations”, contains specific requirements about how chemical storage tanks should be handled. The team at ArcticFlow is extremely familiar with these regulations.

Other requirements also need to be met. When it comes to sodium hypochlorite handling and storage or storing and handling other chemicals, one of the most important considerations is HSE, which must be complied with to protect the safety of the operators.

With more than 50 years’ experience from the chemical tank industry, the team at ArcticFlow can assist you with:

  • Tanks, pipes and hoses are doubled-walled and fitted with leak sensors/alarms to comply with the “Tank Regulations” and take care of your HSE
  • Necessary barriers to prevent overfilling
  • You can choose from various materials: PE plastic chemical tanks, GRP Glass fiber reinforced plastic storage, and stainless-steel chemical storage containers.
  • Instrumentation and logging of essential data: temperature, level, consumption or other operating conditions
  • Satisfying the provisions of the “Tank regulations” regarding all safety barriers required by law

Tank solutions in various designs

ArcticFlow delivers tank solutions of various types such as polyethylene, fiberglass, and acid-resistant steel, or a combination of these. Chemical storage containers delivered by ArcticFlow always comply with the “Tank regulations”. This means the tanks are double-walled or can be delivered as single-walled tanks placed in a containment basin. The tanks meet the statutory requirements concerning barriers and instruments, enabling monitoring and control to be performed locally or remotely via Ethernet or GSM.

We offer pipe-in-pipe or hose-in-hose solutions with automatic leak sensors and alarms as well as chemical process tanks with an acid dosing system.

Our chemical mixing tank can be a good addition to fish farms that require high-quality and reliable solutions.

Pump and distribution cabinets are designed and constructed with sensors to detect any spills or leaks and trigger an alarm. We can also offer insulation, heating or cooling of the acid tank or any other tank, if required.

What do our customers say?

We have had our tank facility for storage of sodium hypochlorite and formic acid for two years. The tanks, pipes, and valve boxes are all double-walled. It works well and we feel 100% confident that safe storage is taken care of.

– Arnøy Laks AS

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Ronnie Hynne

Sales Manager

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