About us

Norway is one of the world’s leading fishing nations. The Norwegian fisheries industry has undergone many development processes and today harvests wild fish from the sea and fjords as well as farmed fish from sea and land-based facilities. Fish is “gold”. However, it is not only the fillet – the part of the fish that we have traditionally eaten – that is of great value. The whole fish is nutritious. New methods and processes are constantly being developed to preserve all the nutrients in the fish, leading to the emergence of new competence communities and companies.

ArcticFlow AS is one such company! We have employees who have spent more than 25 years developing systems for storing liquids. The origins of ArcticFlow are from Vera Tank, a leader in this field for more than 50 years.

During the past five years, ArcticFlow has refined this market segment to include processing solutions for ensiling fish waste and dead fish and has established a facility for storage, internal transport and dosing of chemicals.

The fisheries industry requires specialized subcontractors – and we are one such specialist!
We will work to ensure these processes are safe and secure for our clients. We develop, design and construct our own processing plants and involve leading subcontractors in our solutions.

ArcticFlow has experienced and dedicated engineers who go to great lengths to meet our customers’ requirements and wishes. We have a highly competent team, and our owner has vast experience from delivering solutions to the fishing and aquaculture industry.

In addition to providing tank solutions to the fishing industry for many decades, we are now about to complete our first processing plants and systems for handling chemicals for some of Norway’s leading aquaculture companies.


  • We will make everyday life easier, better and safer.


  • We will deliver solutions for our customers that allow them to concentrate on their core activity.

Company values:

  • Reliable. We do what we say. What we say is based on knowledge and facts.
  • Courageous. We are not afraid of challenges. We always seek to find the best solutions for our customers.
  • Goal-oriented. We focus on our tasks and deliver what we have promised.
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